I'm an Australian artist who produces both vibrant and HDR photographs residing in Sydney. HDR images allow me to capture more detail in the shadows and highlights within a scene and this technique allows me to better reflect what the eye see's compared to a standard photograph. I have a passion for capturing places in their most breathtaking moments and this requires a lot of exploration as well as patience. 


Besides HDR I also love the technique of "long exposure" photography and this can create some stunning effects, whether it be in a coastal seascape or in and around the cities. Sometimes I will capture 5 minutes worth of light on my camera sensor in a single exposure and you can imagine not just the light moving over objects but the colours of a sunrise moving across the clouds and water. 

My prints are produced with archival materials in Australia for local purchases, but I also have international options for people all over the world. If you have any questions about my work please don't hesitate to ask through my contact link.

Thanks, Luke Zeme

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